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If high adventure, adrenaline pumping sports and white water rafting enthralls you, you have to go to the right place – Kolad. From Kayaking on the Kundalika River in Kolad, Maharashtra, to white water rafting, canoeing and adventure trekking around the river Kundalika, this resort offers you multiple options.

Resort for Adventure Sports White Water Rafting Kolad

Come, rejuvenate yourself at one of India’s Best Adventure destinations.

River Kundalika
River Kundalika for Adventure Sports (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an ideal Resort near Mumbai, Pune, Alibaug, Thane, or Panvel and just on the Mumbai Goa highway where you can select from a wide range of thrilling adventure activities and fun outdoor sports.

So when you need something fun to do, this place can bring your friends and family together for good. Select your Adventure here:

  1. Rock Climbing with a rope using your hands and legs
  2. Rappelling where you climb down a rock with the help of a rope and other equipment.
  3. Swimming at the pool in the resort. You can also pick up a swimming programme that teaches you how to swim, the various styles of swimming, and the DO’s & DON’TS of swimming.
  4. Rifle Shooting with different types of rifles and their uses.
  5. Team Building with Survival Techniques – Go treasure hunting, or undergo physical training sessions or for Individual Night Walks and see Fire Lighting.
  6. Commando Training sessions include a series of activities like River crossing, Burma Bridge, Mud Crawling, Net Climbing etc.
  7. White Water Rafting, One of the World’s Most Captivating and Thrilling adventure is now just 2 & 1/2 hour from Mumbai and Pune.
  8. Team building Activities – Various team building games are done at the resort like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Raft Building, Worm, Magic carpet, Line it up, Caterpillar, Australian Walk, A-Frame, Wot-A-Transfer, Team Handball, Raising Your Limits, Crossing Over, Ballon Burst, Name’s are Us.
  9. Leadership Games like Treasure Hunt, Electric Web, Team Radar, Tyred, Handcuffed, Survival, Zip Line, Burma Bridge and Rope Ladder.
  10. Many more fun activities like Flying fox, Archery, Water fall Rappelling, River Kayaking, River Crossing, Surfing, Snorkeling, Angling, White Water Kayaking, Speed boat riding, ATV bike riding, Mountain biking, Clip Jumping, Flying fox in a river

Kolad Resorts – White Water Rafting

Quench Your Thirst for Excitement, come enjoy one of the World’s Most Captivating and Thrilling adventures. Now just 2 & 1/2 hour drive from Mumbai or Pune.

White Water Rafting (Photo credit: Lanzen)

Experience this thrilling adventure sport at a place close to Mumbai so you really do not waste much time or connectivity for rest. A place to experience a peaceful stay and scenic beauty which can help you be more friendly, relaxed and get back to work with renewed energy.


Safety: Experienced competent, expert lifeguards and trained in first-aid. They are excellent crisis managers. We involve the very best event managers / leaders. The team’s expertise is regularly refreshed with training programs on skills essential for their trade such as anchoring techniques, climbing safety, etc.. Their knowledge is also regularly updated on the latest European safety / rescue techniques and usage of advanced safety equipment. They are a highly skilled, experienced and qualified team of international standards.

Please Note:
1. Accommodation in A/c Cottages (For stay packages)
2. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food Included. (For stay packages)

Location: Located in the virgin forests below Mulshi and Bhira Dams, 138kms from Mumbai and 100kms from Pune, the river is ideally located for short overnight or day trips. The stretch is wild and exciting and is packed with lots of fun. You will raft down 14 kms in one and a half hour over grade II and grade III rapids.

How to get there?
1. From Mumbai (138 Kms): Take the NH 17 Goa highway till Kolad. 1 Km after the Kolad Market, turn left on the SH 60 to Pune. From here it is 22 Kms to Vile Village.
2. From Pune (100 Kms): Take road to Mulshi Dam and drop down the ghats till turn off to Shajey Village our starting point.

Who can raft? Almost everybody other than pregnant ladies, heart patients and people with severe asthma. Children between 12 & 14 may be permitted to raft subject to a safety clearance from our river guides. Children below 12 years will not be allowed to raft. Our river guide’s decision in this regard will be final. Children below 12 years are not allowed to raft.

What to bring?
1. T Shirts, shorts and sport shoes or floaters for rafting.
2. A change of dry clothes and a towel.
3. Light warm clothes in case you are camping with us.

Adventure Picnics Near Mumbai Pune

Enjoy the warmth and hospitality at one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Western India. Come and get rejuvenated with a One Day Adventure Picnic at one of India’s Best Hotels Resorts.

It will be a recreation and adventure holiday that you well deserve and just 2-3 hours from Mumbai or Pune.

Jungle Adventure Treks

A] Jungle Ride through Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary to Murud Janjira Fort

MURUD JANGIRA FORT is situated 90 kms from our resort.Formerly the capital town of the Siddis of Janjira, Murud is today popular for its alluring beach, whispering casurina, coconut and betel palms and an ancient fort. On a hillock to the north is the shrine of Lord Dattatreya, the three heads representing Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Battered on all four sides by sea waves, its strong walls yet standing intact and 40 feet high even at full tide is the majestic island fortress of the Siddis — Murud-Janjira. Never conquered by an enemy for over 350 years since its construction by the Ahmednagar rulers under the supervision of their regent Malik Ambar in the 15th century, Murud-Janjira is probably the only impregnable fort on the 720 km Maharashtra coastline. Neither the Portuguese nor the British could subjugate the fort. And the Marathas, despite their repeated attempts failed to subjugate the Siddi power.

Phansad Jungle is one of the most Dense Jungles near Mumbai and Pune. This wildlife sanctuary boasts of more than 5 man-eating leopards alongwith other wild animals and birds like peacocks, hyenas, kites, wild pigs, wild boars etc.

1. Costs Rs.750/- for a trip.
2. Cost Includes Transport to and fro from the Resort.
3. Includes Snacks and Mineral water.
4. Photography is allowed.Carry binoculars if possible.
5. Booking has to be done in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
6. All extra cost like Ticket fee, Guide Fees, Boat cost to the fort has to be paid by the guests and is not included in the package.
7. Book Your Seats Now By Calling us Now.

B] Trek To Kansai Waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall is situated just 7 kms from the resort by car followed by a 30 minutes jungle trek.Recommended from monsoons right upto december. The group is taken on the jungle trek to the waterfalls by our naturist.

Rates: Rs.750/- per person. (Group Required)

Package Includes:
1. Breakfast at the resort.
2. Guided trek to the waterfalls.
3. Veg-Non-Veg Lunch.
4. Evening Snacks with Tea /Coffee.
5. Use of Swimming pool and Indoor and Outdoor Games.

Does not include transport from the resort to the waterfalls.Transport has to be arranged by the guest.

C] Trek To Bhira Dam

Plan a trek to this One Day Picnic destination

Bhira Dam – A Picnic Spot For Company Teams, School Camps, Corporate Outbound Trips – Close to the Kamath Residency Resort near Mumbai and Pune.

The Bhira Dam is 45 kms from our Mumbai Resort In Maharashtra. It is a great getaway for picnics near mumbai or pune. A scenic place with a waterfall and a wooden bridge spanning the breadth of the waterfall.

This picinic spot is also known as the Tata Power House Dam, and it is located in a small picturisque village near Kolad.

Water Sports

Experience this thrilling adventure sport at a place close to Mumbai so you really do not waste much time or connectivity for rest.

River Crossing  |  Flying Fox In River  |  Kayaking

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