Wonderful ASDA – Best Online Grocery Store?

Our editor was on the look out for the best online grocery store on the face of earth. And we thought it would be a tough task to eek out the best from the huge names in this domain.

But ASDA.com seems to have beat the heat out of the rest, atleast from our point of view.

Read some interesting stuff about why millions of people simply love ASDA. And we know we have not covered everything that this online grocery store has to offer, but it is a start all the same. Ain’t it?

Online Grocery Store ASDA’s Price Guarantee

Just three simple steps for you to follow

  1. Do your ASDA grocery shop as normal, remembering to keep your receipt. You need to buy at least 8 different items, of which at least 1 must be comparable.
  2. Check asda.com/priceguarantee to see what the comparable items in your grocery shopping would have cost at other supermarkets. In store customers will need to wait 3 hours after shopping at ASDA before using the ASDA Price Guarantee. Online customers will need to wait up to 48 hours after your homeshopping order is delivered before using the ASDA Price Guarantee.
  3. If we’re not 10% cheaper than Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons or Waitrose on your comparable grocery shopping we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed!†

Just present your voucher and original receipt at the checkout or redeem your voucher online when you pay for another shop. We’ll then take this amount off your bill.

Online Grocery Store ASDA’s Value Additions

1. Delivers To Your Postcode – We almost certainly do, as our team delivers to 97.8% of UK addresses – but use our postcode checker to be sure.

2. Delivers On Pre-Decided Time Slot – Before you start to shop, book a delivery slot so that you know you can receive your order at a convenient time. If you want your delivery at the weekend or near a public holiday, it’s worth placing your order well in advance.

You’ll see various departments like “Dairy, Eggs & Chilled” running along the top of the page. Click on a department and the ‘aisles’ – like “Butter & Spreads”- will appear just underneath.

Online Grocery Store ASDA Helps Save Time

Choose your free iPhone or Android ASDA app and start saving time and money today.

Now you can add an item to your order or do a quick shop on the move, all from your iPhone or Android phone with the ASDA mobile app. Plus, you can do a price check with the Asda Price Guarantee app. The ASDA mobile app is free to download and gives you the flexibility to always be able to do your shopping, no matter where you are. Get the ASDA iPhone app or ASDA Android app now.

Online Grocery Store ASDA Return Policy

Returning your order to Asda Direct has just got easier !

Asda Direct has partnered with Collect+ to enable customers to return a vast range of products (See conditions below),FREE OF CHARGE, using any of over 4,000 UK local stores. Most Asda Direct customers live within 1 mile of one of these stores, which are open from early in the morning until late in the night, 7 days a week, making the return of the item you have ordered as convenient as possible for you!

Online Grocery Store ASDA Is Eco-Friendly

We’ve always worked to make Asda a better business

It’s an approach we follow along with all the other companies in the Walmart Group.

At the heart of our approach sit three big, aspirational goals which guide all our work:

  • To use 100% renewable energy
  • To be zero waste
  • To sell products that sustain people and the environment 

At Asda, we’re saving energy, carbon and money by being more energy efficient across all our stores, depots and offices. None of this would be possible without the whole of the Asda team.

With over 180,000 colleagues across the business, every action, big or small, adds up to make a big difference.

Buy, Play, Trade Offer From Online Grocery Store?

You can now buy and sell pre-owned games at Asda as part of our Buy, Play, Trade campaign in more than 200 stores.

“In these economic conditions people haven’t got £40 to £50 in their pockets to buy games,” says Andrew Thompson, head of games at Asda. “Games releases are coming thick and fast – parents can’t afford to keep up. We’re making it even easier for customers to save money every day,” says Andrew.

If your game is slightly scratched we might still be able to help. We have “disrepair” machines in store that can remove superficial scratches and restore the game to its original condition.

Online Grocery Store Great Services

Great service starts right here

Most of our stores are open 24 hours a day, and even in the small hours customers expect to find what they’re looking for. That’s what great service is all about, and it begins with our Depots meeting this round-the-clock challenge through fantastic teamwork and full-on commitment to keeping our shelves stocked 24/7

Online grocery store – ASDA.COM – attracts nearly 70 Million visitors a year. Does that make you wonder if ASDA.com is one of the MOST AMAZING & MOST POPULAR online grocery stores on the globe.

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