One Day Picnic In Mumbai ~ Perfect!

Resort for One-Day-Picnic in Mumbai
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Resort for One-Day-Picnic in Mumbai


Looking For D’ Perfect Spot?

For One Day Picnic In Mumbai


Most Guests Come & Enjoy More Than One Day Picnic In Mumbai!

Bring your entire family and enjoy attractive Fun Activities like Rock Climbing, Summer Rain Dance, Outdoor/Indoor Games like Swimming and Table Tennis, Rappelling, Flying Fox, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Mountain Bicycle Ride, and much more…

How much cost?

Jungle Trek To Kansai Waterfalls 

Rs.750/- per person. (Group Required)

  • Package Includes:
    1. Breakfast at the resort.
    2. Guided trek to the waterfalls.
    3. Veg-Non-Veg Lunch.
    4. Evening Snacks with Tea /Coffee.
    5. Use of Swimming pool and Indoor and Outdoor Games.

One Day Picnic In Mumbai Monsoon Offers

5 Reasons Why This Resort For One Day Picnic In Mumbai!

  1. All inclusive resort facilities
  2. 5 Acres of lush green lawns
  3. Set in typical village scenery
  4. Scenic adventure spots nearby
  5. Water sports, jungle treks, waterfalls,

So have you been looking for thrilling One Day Picnic Spots Mumbai?

You Should A One Day Picnic In Mumbai

Raigad, known as one of the best One Day Picnic Spots near Mumbai and Pune. Here independent travelers as well as large corporate groups make frequent trips to enjoy the wonders of nature and revel in this all inclusive resort. What more, this place is located just 2-3 hours drive from Mumbai or Pune, real close for a One Day Picnic in Mumbai, isn’t it?

Outdoor Adventure Activities For One Day Picnic Near Mumbai: If spending the whole day at the resort is not what you desire, do Thrilling Outdoor Adventure Activities for groups at discounted rates.

  1. Team Building Games like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Raft Building, Worm, Magic carpet, Line it up, Caterpillar, Australian Walk, A-Frame, Wot-A-Transfer, Team Handball, Raising Your Limits, Crossing Over, Ballon Burst, Name’s are Us. 
  2. Water Sports like White Water Rafting, River Crossing, Flying Fox In River, Kayaking, Raft Building and more.