Picnic Spots In Maharashtra - Kihim Beach
Picnic Spots In Maharashtra - Kihim Beach (Image: Anupam Ghosh)

Kamath Residency, in the Kokan region known for some of the best picnic spots in Maharastra, is the resort to mark on your holiday charts. For here in Konkan and near the resort you can find clean white beaches, historic ramparts of Forts and lots of places to hangout. And then there are adventure seekers who love this place. 

Teenveera Dam Waterfalls - Picnic Spots In Maharashtra - 20 Mins from Resort
Teenveera Dam Waterfalls - Picnic Spots In Maharashtra - 20 Mins from Resort

Kamath Residency Resort one of the most popular destinations for weekend getaways for families. For it doubles up as an all-inclusive place for company picnics and outbound training programs too. And then there are tourists who come here for their wish to be near nature and spend a cool relaxed holiday.

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But what makes these picnic spots in Maharashtra more special is that they brighten up during the monsoons. Surrounded by green hills and forests, this place sports various varieties of flaura & fauna. 

English: Janjira Fort
English: Janjira Fort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are few Top Picnic Spots In Maharashtra around the resort.

  1. Raigad Fort via Raigad Ropeway – is so strategically built that in such a way that powerful armed forces could not access it from three sides or attack it. Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj spent most of his time in this invincible fort and made it his capital.
  2. Phansad Wild Life Sanctuary – The sanctuary is spread across an area of 52 sq. km. The sanctuary has a wide varietyof flora and fauna. Leopard is the major carnivore. The other animals include Heyena, Jungle cat, Palm civet, Sambhar, Barking deer, Bonnet Macaque, Wild boar and malabar giant squirrel. There aer148 types of birds (including the interesting Pied hornbill, Three toed Kingfisher, Malkoha, Pitta), 90 species of butterflies (including Common Map, Black Prince, Nawab, Blue Mormon) and a number of poisonous and non poisonous snakes. About710 species of plants have been identified here. Source:
  3. Murud Janjira Fort – located near Alibagh has a beautiful beach. And then there is Janjira, the invincible fort in the sea that was built by Siddis of Abyssinia in the 17th century. 
  4. Alibaug Beaches:
  1. Kihim Beach – This is an entirely undiscovered and unpolluted beach popularly known for its natural charm and beauty. 
  2. Mandawa Beach: It is situated about 20 km north of Alibag. The catamaran/ferry services are available from Mumbai to the Mandawa jetty. Many Bollywood celebrities own bungalows here.

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At Kamath Residency Resorts, we have some of the most attractive picnic spots in Maharashtra in our packages. So if you are looking for ideal place for a monsoon break, please feel free to contact – 09869279937 / 09322279937 – to speak to our sales representatives.

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Top Picnic Spots In Maharashtra Near The Resort

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