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Raigad might not be the most popular of Tourist Places Near Pune but it sure can boast of some of the most thrilling Picnic Spots Near Pune. This is probably one place that every member of your family will find the most diverse of entertainment options near one location in Western India.

Combine all these ingredients of different adventure activities, verdant flora and fauna, and varying Cuisine with Dialects. And you will get one of the most potent weekend getaways for fun, frolic and rejuvenation.

Captivating Tourist Places Near Pune

Need a break from the daily tedious errands of life? A a place for relaxation and rejuvenation? In that case Raigad is the ultimate place to alter your mood into an unforgettable dream experience. As you step in, a wave of serenity engulfs you as it is surrounded by green bliss and beautiful pathways.

Tweeting birds, huge lush green lawns, gushing waters, lively fountains, attractions like water, swimming pool, a hub to pamper your taste buds, all combined in one locations, just a 2 hour drive from Mumbai.

It is a perfect place for tourists from many parts of the country for many attractions. People come here for the beautiful climate, serene mountains, clean unpolluted air, a perfect combination to enjoy holidays and weekends and experience nature’s beauty at its best.

Adventure Activities – It is an ideal place for adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling, swimming, rifle shooting in order to develop an individuals personality and enhance confidence levels.

Tourist Places Near Pune – Click to know more about these places

  1. Majestic Raigad Fort
  2. The Beautiful Amba River
  3. The Pali Ganesh Mandir
  4. The Dhundi Vinayak Temple
  5. The Murud Janjira Fort
  6. The Bhira Dam
  7. The Usarvardhane Waterfalls
  8. The Famous Alibaug Beaches of Kihim and Mandwa
  9. The Nandgaon and Kashid Beaches
  10. The Birla Temple

A Picnic Spot Near Pune

On the banks of the Amba River, in Raigad District is Nagothane. Historically, it was a part of Gujarat until the 16th century under the reign of the King of Cambay. In 1540, the Portuguese won the territory in a war and ruled it until 1636. Thereafter, the region was ruled by the Mughal rulers, Chhatrapati Shivaji and the British.

Nagothane Bridge, also known as Musalman Bridge is a major attraction of the site. Situated towards the south-west of Nagothane, the bridge is 480 feet in length and nine inches in breadth. The unusual narrowness between parapets of the bridge attracts tourists. The bridge over the water body helped troops march over from Ahmednagar through the Koarl Pass. The bridge at present is used by foot travellers and bullock carts to cross the water body.

Apart from that, there is a dargah of Sufi saint Sheikh Sayyed Mira Mohuddin Chishti. On his annual Urs,  thousands of devotees come to this place.

The location also offers trekking and rock climbing opportunities. Besides, Nagothane is a popular destination for rafting and rappelling. Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot rare species of birds in the region. Ganesha Chaturthi is the widely celebrated festival in the destination.

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Pune has an old world charm with all features of a fast growing technopolis. One one side it is dotted with historic forts, museums and places of religious importance. While on the other side it is a ever evolving landscape of urban India. And as the city is emerging, its denizens are increasingly seeking weekend getaways near Pune for day picnics and rejuvenation.

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