The Rock-O-Plane ride in Oak's Park in Portlan...

The Rock-O-Plane ride in Oak’s Park in Portland, Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come on guys, let’s go play and do some adventure. Family holidays are meant to be all that and much more, isn’t it? So I tried to dig into some of the world’s most entertaining “Family Fun Things To Do”. Believe me, these are some of the best things that families are willing to spend on out of their tight purse strings. Hint, hint for the guys running resorts and theme parks!

Top 15 Entertainment Park Websites for Great Family Holidays

Dodgem Cars, Royal Melbourne Show 2005.

Dodgem Cars, Royal Melbourne Show 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 11 Things To Do With Kids | Family entertainment you all will love

Rides as Attractions. When on the fast lane, kids and adults alike, get the ultimate fun and experience. There are over 20-25 different types of rides and attractions that you will get to enjoy across some of the top theme parks on earth.

  1. Gravity driven rides
  2. Twists and turn rides
  3. Crashing cars
  4. Shooting down the rapids
  5. Motorcycle rides
  6. Helicopter rides
  7. White water rafting
  8. Haunted mansion thrills
  9. Deep sea fishing
  10. Jet ski rides
  11. Dune buggy rides

Getting Ready For An Overseas Adventure Travel with Family

English: Tidal Wave with the splash at Thorpe Park

English: Tidal Wave with the splash at Thorpe Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting out of your country with family and children can be a trying exercise. Unless of-course you plan in advance.

Step I: Sit with your family and identify the activities that you all will want to do. This necessarily means involving youngsters and adults in a fruitful discussion to shortlist top 5 or 10 activities. Once done, you can do some research online to identify travel companies who can offer you some options.

Step II: Discuss age restrictions and health conditions required at each of your now shortlisted destinations. And you should check out testimonials from previous tourists and your travel company’s own customers. A visit to popular travel review site like will help you check some reviews.

Step III: Get physically and mentally prepared for the trip. Children need to get enough stamina to trudge long distances for hiking expeditions or walking within the theme parks itself. And maybe you will require them to carry some food and drinks in their backpacks too, so getting them ready for this is important.

Step IV: Check your destination for nearby places that you might want to visit. Also do check the kind of restaurants and type of food available in the nearby localities, should you want to explore out. Get the right gear for your adventure trip like waterproof clothing, travel gadgets and the first aid kit.

Step V: Health checkup for you and your entire family is most recommended. Do visit your family physician for healthcare tips and emergency medicines that might be required. And it’s important to invest in a travel insurance to cover unexpected risks.

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